Thursday, December 23, 2004

Meet the Retards

So Tuesday I was fortunate to see a private screening of "Meet the Fockers." Let me start out by saying I was huge fan of "Meet the Parents." I think the movie was a classic and one of Ben Stiller's best work. And yes even better than "Envy." (That was an awful movie that came out last year, starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black.) So I was looking forward to the sequel. The cast seemed intriguing with Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand playing Stiller's parents. At the same time, I was a bit weary because history has shown sequels do not live up to the originals. And from the few previews I saw on TV, I could tell it was going to be a bit corny. Was I right? (Uhhhh Yeah!)

The main premise of the movie is Ben Stiller and his wife(who the hell knows her real name?) travel in a highly technological enhanced winnebago with her parents (Robert Deniro and who the hell knows her real name?) to meet the Fockers at their Florida estate. Oh and I forgot about another new member of the cast. Robert Deniro's is babysitting his grandson for his other daughter. And let me tell ya this darn baby steals this movie. Well, at least that is what the writer's of the movie were hoping. I swear 80% of the jokes of this film, were centered around this darn baby. Who probably only made me grin once. Isn't it hillarious to see Robert Deniro have a fake plastic boob on his chest, so he can breast feed the baby? (I didn't think so either.) I mean, if I need to see a movie with a damn baby supplying all the jokes I'll go rent the "Look Who's Talking" trilogy.

All the same jokes from "Meet the Parents" are pretty much re-done in "Meet the Retards." Which makes most of the jokes very predictable. When we finally meet the Fockers they are portrayed as these sexually extroverted hippies. Dustin Hoffman is a retired lawyer, who practices some type of karate. And Barbara Streisand is a sexual therapist for older couples. (Uh oh, I think I see a storyline here.) Because Streisand is such an expert with her sexuality, is she going to try and help Robert Deniro and his wife with their sex life. (Oh yeah, this did happen in the movie.) You see, now I am confused here. How can the supposedly tightly wound-up, nervous, shy Ben Stiller have such free-sprited, crazy and cool parents? Wouldn't you think his parents would be the total opposite, from seeing his character in "Meet the Parents." If there this laid back and wacky, wouldn't Stiller have these same qualities?

Just as in the first movie where Deniro hooked Stiller up to the lie detector, there is a similar scene in this film. After finding out that Stiller lost his virginity to his Hispanic housekeeper 15 years ago, Deniro suspects they had a child together. Because the housekeeper's son looks exactly like Stiller. (Oooooh, this sounds exciting?) So Deniro injects Stiller with a needle that will force him to tell the truth. At this point I thought to myself, why don't they bring Maury Povich out here to find the real father of this child?

So as you can see. I was not a fan of "Meet the Retards." I found it to be extremely boring, cheezey, and corny. Just be happy that you saw the first one and enjoyed it. But if you are ever in the mood to see a movie that has bad sex jokes, a not funny over-used baby, and a Maury Povich paternity test, then maybe you will enjoy this. I'm out!

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