Monday, October 31, 2005

Randomness Diarrhea

I could easily make this whole blog all about my White Sox making the Wold Series, but I won't. I will say though, this was an amazing team. Nobdoy expected this team to do anything this year. Ozzie Guillen, the pitching staff, and timely hitting are the reasons why they won. I understand the Cubs will always be the #1 team in Chicago and honestly I could care less. All I know, is that my Chicago White Sox are the 2005 World Champions. Word!

-"Jarhead" looks like a hell of a movie.

-Is "Arrested Development" still on the air?

-What a waste of a pick for my fantasy team by taking Daunte Culpepper 3rd overall.

-Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress slutty.

-Jerry Reinsdorf has to be one of the most under appreciated owners in sports. I can't not tell you how many people in the White Sox organization said they wanted to win the championship for him.

-Nickleback's song "Photograph" is a decent song, but it's getting way too overplayed.

-Jessica and Nick went to Italy to save their marriage. (If you believe in this shit, then get the hell off my blog!)

-Baked Cheetos, are an amazing snack.

-Phil, congratulations on your wedding. Sorry I cannot make it.

-Riding the elevator in my building with other tenants, can be annoying and awkward. (There is a long story to this.)

-The Bulls do not look good. I understand why they traded Curry, but his presence will be missed.

-How can a guy named Rover take over for Howard Stern?

-I saw a hilarious comedian named "The Reverend Bob Levy," the other night. He was cracking the shit out of me.

-Vince Vaughn is one lucky dude.

- I am upset I missed the White Sox parade.

-The show "Lost" is not very good this season.

-Taking a Vacation Day, is extremely underrated.

-What a shitty movie "The Longest Yard" is. Sandler, give it up.

-Will SNL ever be funny again?

-Joe Crede is ready to be an All-Star.

-If you ever are not looking forward to something. Try to make it seem like the worst possible thing in the world and then it will not be so bad.

-I don't see any team, other than the Bears winning that crapfest of a division.

-Stallone is making another "Rocky" and "Rambo movie. I can't wait for the follow up to "Stop or my Mom will Shoot."

-Is Estelle Getty still alive?

-If you haven't seen my Second City Writing Show yet, you live near the city, and are somewhat interested . . . Then please go see it, but do not feel forced.

I'm Out!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Wow, I never thought I would see this friggin day! My White Sox, are going to the World Series! Kiss my ass, all you fake, drunken, no baseball knowledge Cub fans! The first time since 1959. I'll admit, this team has really surprised me. When they started struggling in the 2nd half of the season and almost lost their lead to Cleveland, I thought that would do nothing in the playoffs. But, boy have they proved me wrong.

The first thing you got to be impressed with is the pitching. When the hell is the last time four starters went the distance back to back? Contreas, Buerhle, Garland, and Garcia were just phenomenal. I mean Contreas was a guy that we desperately wanted off this team during the season. Somehow he got his shit together and has become the ace of this staff. You know you got an amazing pitching staff, when the bullpen is used for only 2/3 of inning over a course of five games.

There is no question that the White Sox have mediocre hitting. But they were able to get the hits at the right time. One guy, who my dad constantly bashes for being a lazy idiot is Joe Crede. During the season except for the last month, Crede had been pretty much worthless. But in the play-offs, he has looked like Mike Schmidt. He's gotten big hit after big hit. I know Paul Kornerko got the MVP for the AL series, but I think Crede deserves it more.

Speaking of Kornerko, boy has free agency come at the right time. Hitting 40 homers in back to back seasons has guaranteed big money for him. Now after his post-season performance, who the hell knows how much cash he is going to get thrown at him? I used to think that Kornerko was not worth the money, but after watching these play-off games I can't imagine our line-up without him. Kenny Williams will have a tough decision to make this off-season.

Speaking of Kenny, boy have I hated this guy ever since he's stepped into the GM position. I've thought he's made some of the worst moves for this organization. But somehow he has been able to prove me wrong. I never thought in my wildest dreams that he would be the GM of a team going to World Series. He built extremely deep and strong pitching staff. And this past off-season, he brought in the right guys. Iguchi, Podsednik, Pyzernski, Hermanson, Jenks, and Dye have all been smart moves. I guess this is why, I'm sitting on my ass writing this blog and he's GM of the Chicago White Sox.

I'm not a fan of making predictions, but I think the Sox are going to win the World Series. Right now I would rather face the Houston Astros. They are leading the Cardinals 3-1 in their series. The Cardinals offense scares the hell out of me. The Astros do have good starting pitching with Clemens, Oswalt, and Pettite. But at the same time, I think our squad matches up better against them.

PREDICTION: Whoever the hell we play, we'll win in FIVE.

I'm out!

P.S. Sorry, I almost forgot. Cub fans, you still suck.