Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Buffet of Random Pointless Blabbing

So two weekends ago, I made a visit back to Bloomington to hang with my buddies in what was known as "The Last Hurrah." It was nice to see some people and probably go back there for the last time. I got a picture all of us from the weekend hanging in my cubicle. I think I need to take it down because I am constantly staring at myself in the picture and staring at my disturbing appearance . Anyways, here are a few things I learned about some of my friends.

Nick: Apparently the only way to get you into a good mood and for you to talk is to buy you Bambas. This is not really something I've learned, but more of a recurring theme. I better save some money up for the summer.

Drew: Why all of the sudden do you have a 12:30a.m. curfew on a Saturday night? And thanks for taking away my true love. We had a moment when she touched my leg.

B.J.: You are probably the only person in history to download the new Stars Wars movie at 4 in the morning on a Saturday night and still get laid.

Last Saturday I decided to venture out and do some shopping. After walking down North Avenue out of J-Crew and on my way to Banana Republic, I hear some lady yelling "Wait!" I turn around and it was the cashier gal from J-Crew. She then hands me my driver license because she forgot to give it back to me after requesting to see it. So I will just like to take this time to thank this J-Crew woman for this extremely nice deed. Who knows how long my dumb ass would of gone without realizing that I did not have my drivers license.

My thoughts on Brittney Spears being pregnant: The Jerry Springer Show has been pretty boring lately, can't wait for that show! And what a catch that Kevin Frederline is, he sure seems like a peach. I will also give Brittney about 2-3 years before she is butt naked on the cover of Playboy.

I've been waiting a long time for this. To be exact, about 7 years. And finally it has came true. The BULLS are in the playoffs! I know I've been talking about this before in previous blogs, but what a true team this is. You don't see many teams like this in the NBA anymore, that have players that just want to win and play hard. Scott Skiles has done an amazing job coaching this team, with the limited talent he has to deal with. I don't mean to brag, but way back in December-Janurary I predicted that this team could be a 4th seed in the playoffs. And what do you know? They are the 4th seed. No, this team will not win the NBA championship. Yes, this team is already depleted without Eddy Curry and Luol Deng. My prediction is that the Bulls will beat the Wizards in six games and then lose to the Heat in five games. But let me tell ya, if this team can stay healthy and intact, your looking at a team that will eventually be going to the Finals. Sunday at 4:30 central, I think you can guess where I'll be.

Also, how about a shout-out to my White Sox who are 11-4! And of course the Cubs still blow.

I'm out!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stomach Pains and Recognizable Strippers

Okay, where should I start here. If I am not at my full strength I deeply apologize. I've been having some stomach problems the last two days. Looks like the inner fat kid ate at too many buffets on Spring Break.

Anyways, last night Monday night I caught the last few minutes of the Howard Stern show. As most of you know, Howard Stern is one of my idols. I think he is one of the most talented people in the industry. And of course on his show, he has a naked chick on there who wants to be evaluated for Playboy. Not a big shocker here. But when I saw the girl, I thought to myself "Boy, she sure looks familiar." She looks just like this guy's girlfriend from my fraternity. I remember hearing rumors that she use to strip, but how the hell could she on the Howard Stern?

I was pissed that I missed most of the episode because I wanted to see if it was really her. The episdoe was going to be replayed at 1 in the morning, but I did not want to feel like crap at work the next day. Forutnately, the supernatural spirits were with with me and I woke up with a bad stomach. So now I had the whole day to do some research and figure out if it was truly her. My first plan was to go the Howard Stern web site and try to find some pictures there. After navigating through the site and I finally fell upon the pictures of her. BINGO! That's her! There were four pictures of her butt naked and I will say she looked fairly nice.

So there was only one thing left to do: Forward the link of the pictures to my pledge brothers. Thats exacty what I did. Sent a mass e-mail out, with a four-step direction on how to view the pictures. A minute later I got a call from my buddy B.J., who happened to already know about her appearance on Stern. I was like "How come you didn't tell me about this?" B.J. replied, "Well I didn't want to be the jackass that forward the pictures to everybody." No problem here B.J, I'll go ahead and be the jackass that sends out the pictures. B.J. then informed me some info about the naked gal. She is a stripper in Indy, making tons of money. She recently got engaged to one of my fraternity brothers. Who by the way is a good guy, if you are curious. And she was on the Howard Stern show because she wanted to be evaluated to see what nude magazines she could get into. Apparently, Howard felt she was not good looking enough to be in Playbody, but good enough for Hustler. I trust his opinion.

I'm out!