Friday, December 03, 2004

Food is fun

Sorry to all my fans, who have been waiting desperately for my blog. It's been a combination of trying to catch up at work and not really having anything to talk about. Because I don't know what to start my post with, let's talk about the good food I ate this week.

On Wednesday, PAX/NBC brought a huge spread of Maggiano's for lunch. Some of the perks of working in the media industry. I had some phenomenal calamari, chopped salad, and chicken parmesean. I strongly believe that there is no better chopped salad than Maggiano's. Feel free to tell me if you can think of a better chopped salad????????? Yeah exactly, thats what I thought. You got nothing.

Yesterday Mel Karamazin's son Craig took Johnny and I out to lunch. Craig owns ESPN radio in Milwaukee and he has his own show there. For anybody who doesn't know Mel Karmazin, I'll fill you in. Mel was the president of radio for Viacom for many years, and now he is the Presdient of Sirius Radio. He has been Howard Stern's boss for over 20 years, and remains a close friend of Howard's. For anybody who doesn't know I a die-hard fan of Howard Stern. I've listen to him since I was a freshman of High School. Put all the raunchiness, sex, and strippers aside I just think Howard Stern is one of the most comedically talented people in entertainment history. There are not many people that can consistently make me laugh every single morning. That is not an easy task. So anyways, now that I know Craig Karmazin I feel there is a possibilty that I could one day meet the one and only Howard Stern. It won't be easy, but with the help of my friend Johnny and his magical talents I think it will happen.

My quick thought on the Barry Bonds/Jason Giambi steriods fiasco. Yes I know its not good for baseball and the sports industry that players are using illegal drug enhancements. Yes I know that will have an affect in the homerun record books. But come on people, are you that shocked that these players have admitted to taking Steroids? Have you seen the size of these people? Do you realize there are probably hundreds of other players in baseball and other sports probably taking some illegal substances? Listen, it is there job to be the best and most productive athletes in sports. Which makes them do whatever they have to do achieve that goal. Which, is why I am not totally shock nor want to chop the heads off of Bonds/Giambi for taking steroids. So media, can please settle down with this overwhelming coverage of this story. There are worse things going on in the world.

Not sure what is going on this weekend for me. We will play it by ear. I do know that on Saturday, I'm collaborating with some of my comedy writing/improv classmates. There are rumblings of possibly of starting a cable access show. Where we would be able to write and perform some of our sketch comedy. If this does happen it would be a great experience. Will see!

Alright, that's all for now. Got to get back to work here. H.A.K.A.S.! (For you non-cool people out there, this means "Have A Kick Ass Summer.") People would write that when they signed my Junior High yearbooks. Thinking back now, that is really stupid people actually thought that was cool.

I'm out!

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