Monday, November 29, 2004

Welcome Back

Hey, what up? Long time, no blog. How was everybody's Thanksgiving? Mine was alright thanks for asking. Didn't really do a whole lot, just ate a lot of food. And my mother was generous enough to sufficate me with tons of leftovers to bring back to my apartment. She wanted to give me a 3/4 of chocolate cream pie, but my healthy concious told me that would be a bad idea. So I just took half of the pie instead.

I don't know if any of you have heard of a british TV show called "The Office." It is probably one of the funniest shows ever to be on television. I will admit some of the humor is hard to pick up because of the british accents. But the characters and especially the boss, are good for many laughs. The show was on for two seasons, but last year they did a special. And it finally came out on DVD last week. Of course it was extremely funny. But one of the surprising things about it was the romantic realtionship between two of the characters. And for a comedy show, it was a bit moving. Feel free to call me gay or a homo if you want. But I found it kind of moving. I didn't cry or anything like that. The last time I cried during a movie was probably when I was six, watching the first "Karate Kid." I hated seeing that blond-hair jock beat the crap out of Ralph Machio. But anyways, there was something about that episode of "The Office" that I could identify with. If you get me really drunk one night, maybe I'll explain.

On Sunday, I waddled over to the grocery store. I really find the grocery store very soothing and comforting . For a dude, I don't mind grocery shopping at all. Anyways, during the check-out process I always face the same darn problem. How to swipe the damn, stupid, friggin, credit card. I have probably done it hundred of times, but each time I can't figure out how to swipe the darn thing. I always have to get the cashier to help me out. People, can we please get one,standard way to swipe the credit card. I swear evey place makes you swipe your credit card a different way. At the gas station I have no problems. I was at Old Navy the other day no problems. Best Buy no problems. Target has the best swiper thing, where you just slide the whole credit card face up. I love that machine! But the damn grocery stores coufuse the crap out of me. And the picture they got on there, confuses me even more. They make you put your credit card in more positions than a Ron Jeremy/Jenna Jaminson porn. (Not that I would know.) I have never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, nor have I claimed to be the dumbest. But swiping the credit card is equal in difficulty to my brain as doing the second and third derivatives in Calculus. I have no idea why, but it just is. So people, I am begging for a consistent, uniform way to swipe. And until there is, I apologize for anybody that has to wait in line behind me at a grocery store. That's it folks.

I'm out!

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