Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thank God for Thanksgiving

Yo, what is going on? Big pick-up that this week is Thanksgiving. It is nice to have Thursday and Friday off. There will be a whole bunch of laziness going on, that's all I know. And there are also rumors that today may be an early/half day. I'll take whatever I can get.

Last night I made an interesting phone call. Talk to somebody I haven't talked to in months. The conversation went okay, but I felt there should of been some type of apology. And of course there wasn't. Oh well, who cares anyways?

Yesterday morning, I was taking my daily shower. When I got out there was water dripping from the ceiling. I thought to myself this can't be good. I thought maybe it was just a fluke incident. But it happened again this morning. Looks like my landlord will be getting a call soon. Although I'm not going to lie, the waterfall is a nice addition to the bathroom. It gives it a nice tropical feel.

Because I'm a sports fanatic many people are asking my take on the Pacers/Pistons/Fan Brawl. Well first of Ron Artest is insane, so you have to be near retarded to throw anything at him. That is why the Bulls got rid of him. And second of all basketball players should have more composure and professionalsim then to jump in the stands and attack fans. It was shocking and sickening to see players punching fans But lets face it people, us fans are pretty darn obnoxious. I'm not a professional athlete, but I can't tell you how many times I go to a sporting event and I am extremely annoyed and irritated by the stupid idiots that sit around me. Fans truly need to change how they act and sporting events. I know alcohol is a part of it, but I've had my share of drunken experiences at sporting events and never had the urge to act like a total jack ass. People just need to simply act more responsible.

I was at a show at Second City the other night. And I had these drunken bafoons sitting around acting like idiots. Talking during the show, yelling stuff out. And these people were in there late 30's, maybe early forties. During one of the skits, an actor was playing Ron Artest (as a joke) and one of the audience members threw a napkin at the stage. The audience member was quickly asked to leave. It was stupid for the guy to get kicked out, but again here is another example of people acting like jack asses. There is a reason why actors are on stage, and your dumb ass is in the audience so shut up. And when I'm in my thirties/forties getting drunk at a Second City show and yelling stuff out, somebody please slap the crap out of me.

Alright thats all I got. Have a good Thanksgiving for anybody who reads this. Well thats probably only going to be Johnny and Colleen. Oh and my sister, but I don't need to tell her that. I'm out.

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