Friday, December 10, 2004

The Middle Finger

Yesterday, we had this annual huge broadcasting party at the Hilton in Chicago. The party is called the BAC. (Broadcasting Advertising Club) Its basically a night where everybody that works in the Chicago media industry gets obliterated. Overall, it was a decent time. It probably would of been better if I would of known more people there. Because all I really did was stand there like a jackass. But then again, I do that wherever I go. I was hanging around with two of my co-workers Johnny and Andrea. They both have been in this business for a while, so they had tons of people coming up to them. While, I just smiled and nodded my head like a friggin bobble-head doll. I learned from Andrea, that a big part of the BAC party is to try and accumulate as many tickets as possible. Each ticket is worth one alcoholic beverage of your choice from the bar. The way you get these tickets is by talking it up with these TV and radio sales reps. And usually by the end of the conversation the sales rep will hand you a ticket, or you just ask for one. The party started at 3:00 p.m. and lasted a little over three hours.

Next, it was time for the after parties. Comcast was throwing an after party at the Capitol Grille. On the way there in the cab, we were going North on Michigan Ave. and we drove passed the NBC Tower building. Whenever I pass by this building, I automatically register horrible memories from experience working at the Jerry Springer. (The Jerry Springer experience is for another blog) So as we were at a stop light in front of the NBC building. My intelligent self decided to stick my middle finger up and curse at the building. As I'm doing this, my friend Johnny begins to laugh. At first I thought he was laughing at me, but then I realized what I was doing was not that funny. So I asked him what is so funny? He's like when you were giving the finger to the NBC building, there was some guy standing outside in front and he thought you were giving the finger to him. I thought to myself, I truly am an idiot. But hey, I guess I was fortunate to not get my ass beat.

While, I was in the cab ride I also found out from Johnny that he got a call from "Fear Factor" during the party. They want him to be on a special edition episode of the show where they team up normal contestants with a celebrity. All I can say is that if this does happen, it will be the best hour of televison history. You will not find any better entertainment than Johnny and David Hasselhoff jumping together in a pile of elephant manure. Can't wait!

Anyways, we headed over to Capitol Grille for some drinks and food. I did my usual bobble-head act and talked with some people. The food was pretty good. They had some very scrumptious lamp chops and mini crab cakes. (Jon stop drooling!) After being there for a few more hours we headed over to Stanleys. Stanleys was packed to the max. It was barely walkable to get through that place. I usually don't mind over-crowded bars if I'm pretty hammered. But since I was not that drunk, it was a bit too much and after a hour I called it a night. That's all I got. I'm out!

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Mike said...


I was unaware of your minor celebrity status. You are a man amongst boys. Chicago is your city. Can't wait to read about Springer.