Monday, March 02, 2009

Chipotle, Grunting, and Hugh Jackman

I waddled into Chipotle the other day to get some grub. I went with my usual, the burrito bowl with chicken. Now the secret to the burrito bowl is to ask for extra rice. This way you get more food without paying extra. (And btw, I'm fully aware I'm pathetic.) This old trick was taught to me by a friend a few years back. It is very imperative that you get the timing down as to when you ask for the extra scoop of rice. You have to make sure you ask for it right after she's scooped the first serving of. So I admit, I was a little rusty. I haven't had a burrito bowl in a while, so I knew my timing would be a bit off. I focused in on the Chipotle server to the best of my ability. When I felt the timing was right, I asked for my extra rice. I felt did a decent job, after being out of the game for a while. The chipotle server turned to one of her co-workers, said something in Spanish, and laughed. I'm not exactly sure what they said, but my guess is that it's something along the lines of "Hey, check out this cheap fatso trying to get more rice. What a loser." They can say whatever they want, but that's not going to stop me from getting my extra scoop of rice.

Speaking of Chipolte, I had the pleasure of using a public bathroom recently. I was finishing up my business in one of the stalls and some dude bursts into the bathroom breathing extremely heavy, almost panting. The combination of the burst and heavy breathing is never a good sign. It usually means, get out of the bathroom as fast as you can. This is not going to be pretty. And that was exactly the case. The dude gets in a stall, dropped his pants, and starts moaning and grunting like no other. Now, I've dropped some major loads in my day. But never once have I resorted to such obscene and repulsive grunting. Okay, maybe there was that one time with the jalapenos, but in all fairness that was in the privacy of my own home. The grunter would not let up, I thought he was giving birth to octuplets in there or something. I know you're struggling there buddy, but keep the sound effects to yourself. The lesson here is people, whenever somebody bursts into the bathroom at a rapid pace, you get the hell out of there at a rapid pace.

Other McNuggets.... (Sorry, I just drooled on myself.)

-I watched the Oscars the other night. I understand that the reason they chose the hunky, beefcake Hugh Jackman to host, is that they were trying to appeal to all the women out there. But there are a decent amount of men who watch the Oscars. And I don't find Hugh Jackman particularly funny nor entertaining. So the next time you pick some boring stud muffin as a host, at least have some Scarlett Johansson cleavage in the background. It's only fair.

-I was crunching on some pretzels at work the other day in my cubicle. And in my own head the crunching sounded so loud, as if it was Godzilla trying to eat a car. So I became extremely self-conscious about this and wondered if the crunching is as loud to the other people sitting around me? I may just have to tape record myself crunching, to get the bottom of this. Don't worry, I'll let you in on the results.

-I know there is all this controversy over what the hell is up with Joaquin Phoenix and his Letterman appearance. First of all, I highly doubt Joaquin Phoenix was doing some sort of act. The guy has always been a bit on the loony side. His parents were part of a cult, he endured the traumatic death to his brother, and I remember hearing he has some sort of social phobia. But I will tell you this about the guy, he is one hell of an actor. He would be a fool to retire from acting. That would be like me retiring from eating and waddling. If you haven't seen him in "We Own The Night" and "Two Lovers" you're definitely missing out. He's right up there with Leonardo Dicrapio.

-In other news, I've heard reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting back together. Anybody who is falling for this crap, is too gullible. What's going on here , is that she's trying to help Chris Brown's image and get his career back together. It's more of a publicity stunt. I also believe she's trying to play mind games with me, by playing hard to get. Rihanna, I get it. I can play that game if you want, but I'm just too mature for that. If it's really meant to be, we will be together under your umbrella.

I'm Out!

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