Sunday, March 05, 2006

Air Douche

Please let me start off by saying, by no means am I a talented basketball player. If I play consistently, I can shoot fairly well. But that's about it. So the purpose of this entry is not for me to brag, but more for me to inform the public of my unexpected performance. Here's a little background . . . I haven't played organized basketball in 3 years. So far I've played in three games since I've joined this league. My last game which was two weeks ago, I was just brutally awful, hitting only 2 out of who knows how many shots. And I had to miss last week's game for a work function. So coming into my next game I had very little confidence. To make matters worse, I arrive late to the game. Literally, right when I walked in they were tipping off to start. So I had no time at all to warm up with my shooting. And usually I like to warm up and shoot for a half-hour before a game. The game starts and I see that we only got 4 guys on our team. (The League is 4-on-4) So I'm thinking great, now we can't even sub out if somebody (most likely me) gets tired. We get the ball and somebody passes me the ball, I have an open three-pointer. In my head I'm thinking there is no friggin way I'm making this shot. But I shoot the ball without hesitation and I drain the three. I'm thinkin here, what the hell? I don't practice or warm up at all and I drain a three? I don't get it. We get the ball and again I have an open three pointer. Nothing but net again! At this point I'm puzzled as hell, but I don't care. I ended up being on fire the whole night and ended up with a 31-point game. A career best by far. People, I cannot explain what happened to me that night. I almost want to say there was somebody watching over me and putting the ball in the basket for me. How could I be so awful two weeks ago and then not warm up and have this type of game? Honestly, this will have to be a game that I will tell my kids about. Yes son, I realize that I look like I can't walk straight, but gosh darn it I had a 31-point game in my basketball career. If you are curious we ended getting creamed and losing the game. My team is pretty darn awful, which may explain my scoring performance. But people, it still puzzles me at this moment today, how I was able to perform at that level. I can honestly say, there will never be a game like that for me again. So whenever I am down or feel like a friggin chump, I will think back to the game where a 6'3, so-called unathletic, Jewish male douche, had the game of his life.

I'm Out!

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