Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can you say "Menage a trois"?

-Apparently "America's Next Top Model" has a post-op transvestite as one of their contestants. I now have 801 reasons to not watch this show.

-Can you say karma as the reason for Tom Brady's injury? I think Bridget Moynahan strategically placed a banana peel on the field.

-The Bears defense impressed the heck out of me last week. And I hate to brag, but I kind of predicted a win to my close confidants. Who am I kidding? I really don't have any close confidants, but do demented homeless people count?

-David Duchovny is seeking to get help for his sexual addiction problem. It's horrible what the side effects of chasing aliens can do to you. I recently heard that Bill Clinton and Charlie Sheen are competing to replace him in the next X-Files movie.

-Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy watching "The View." I get a kick out of that Joy Behar. But good God, can somebody please hit that Survivor Hasselback with a frying pan?

-I actually thought about this recently. And I was trying to figure out how much money it would take for me to go see "Disaster Movie." I came to the consensus that a grand would do it.

-I will use the "Disaster Movie" money to start the "Hit Survivor Hasselback with a Frying Pan" fund.

-I recently saw Chris Brown and Rihanna when I walked out of a movie theater the other day. Can you say "Menage a trois"? Actually I did say that and now have a restraining order against me and a black eye.

-Why is it that every picture of the Jonas Brothers, the youngest one, Nick, poses like Zoolander. I find it very annoying. In other news, I'm not gonna lie, the middle Jonas is not a bad looking kid. Can you say "Menage a trois plus one? "

I'm Out!

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Robyn said...

Jonno the 4th Jonas Brother!