Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jammed Thumbs, Awkward Parking, and Isiah Thomas

-So I have to decided to take up basketball again and join a league. I've haven't played since senior year, so it's been close to three years since then. The first play of the game, this dude whips a pass to me down-low and I friggin jam my thumb. So I was pretty much worthless the first game. This past week, we had another game and I was coming off screens and hitting jumpers like no tomorrow. So, I'm happy to say "the shot" is back! On a negative note, my conditioning definitely needs to improve.

-Speaking of basketball, I saw the movie "Glory Road" recenlty. My expectations were not that high and I thought the movie was very entertaining. I didn't particularly think Josh Lucas acted that well, but the story of the movie made up for it. Of course it had some flaws, but I did not find myself bored once during the film. Anybody that has any interest the game of basketball, should see this movie.

-I am glad to see Tyson Chandler learned how to play basketball again. Now I can somewhat understand why he was given $60 million.

-In my parking garage every person is designated their own spot and pays quite an amount of money to park there. My spot number is #360. Well, I get back to my spot Wed. night at 9:30 and this Acura, was in my spot. The other night I saw this same Acura is spot #361 (to the right of me). But for the last few weeks, Spot #361 has been open. So I figure some jackass is parking there late at night and not paying for the spot. I get friggin pissed and put a sign on the driver's window that says "Get the hell out of my spot! Or I'll tow your Ass." I'm thinking with this sign, I've solved the problem of this parking spot theif. The next day I see this Acura park in spot #361, right next to me. I then find out, that this person just recently got this spot and accidently parked in my spot. Can somebody say awkward?

-I seem to be having some bad luck with the parking garage.

-Hot milf Heather Locklear and I get all of Jon Bon Jovi's leftovers Richie Sambora got divorced last week. Women, please take a look at Heather and try to look like her as you get older. I gurantee that you will not have any marriage problems. (Except if your husband is in the band Bon Jovi)

-Antonio Davis's wife Kendra was charged with battery assault against a Naperville woman. That bitch is crazy! (I would still do her though)

-Isiah Thomas was charged with sexual harrassment by a marketing execuitve for the New York Knicks. And the next day he goes out and trades for Jalen Rose. This man, is the best GM ever!

-I know it's kind of late for my Super Bowl prediction, given that the game starts in a little over a hour. But I'll give my thoughts anyways. The Seahawks had by far a better regular season. Alexander had an MVP season and Hasselback threw the ball accurately. The defense did its job and they had a 14-2 record. Going into the playoffs, I did not think the Steelers had a chance in hell to go to the Super Bowl. But Rothensberger has been throwing the ball like a champ so far in the playoffs. And the defense has looked mighty impressive with that long hair dude Pomaleau (Spelling?) Just like everybody else I pick the Steelers. And not because Bettis is from Detroit, that means absolutely shit. Because of Rothesnbeger ability to throw the ball downfield and the play of the defense. I think Seattle will hang in there for awhile. Score: Steelers 27 Seahawks 20

-I friggin hate that new "Train" song. Wanna hear a good song, listen to OAR's "Love and Memories."

-Anybody that contributed to "Big Mommas House 2" to being #1 in the box office this past weekend, should be smacked in the head.

I'm out!

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