Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Return of the McNuggets!

After many months of depriving myself, I finally indulged and ordered a 6 piece Chicken McNugget. As I bit into the succulent and scrumptious McNugget, I had an epiphany… I gotta bring back the McNuggets!
  • The other day I was staying at a hotel and using their work-out facility. I then get in the elevator the same time as this gentleman in his 40s. He begins to stare at me.
          “There’s a work-out room here?” he asks.

          I then reply back, “Yeah its downstairs. It’s actually pretty nice.”

          I assumed the conversation was pretty much over that point, but apparently the gentleman had one more extremely important question to ask.

        “Is it better than sex?” he asks.

        I then nervously laughed off his question and scrambled out of the elevator as quickly as possible. 

        (If you’re curious though, I think the gym is better because it won’t laugh at you when you’re finished.)

These are also 20 better options than sex.

  • During a recent trip to the Apple Store... I came to the realization that when I attempt to ask a question to an Apple sales representative, it is equivalent to me asking where the bathroom is in a foreign country. In both instances, I have trouble articulating what I mean and then piss my pants.
  • Speaking of going to the bathroom, I had a dream where I met Courtney Cox for lunch and then took the biggest dump of fresh spinach that a human has ever seen. Not sure what that dream exactly meant, but I have a feeling I won’t be eating spinach while I watch re-runs of ”Friends" anytime soon.
  • Continuing on the food trend, after seeing the new contestants for Top Chef, I have a feeling all the food will be eaten before the judges even get a chance to taste it. 
  • Staying on the TV theme, if you’re looking for a television show to watch, HBO’s “How to Make it in America” is one hell of a show. I don’t know what it is about Bryan Greenberg, but he is one of the coolest Jewish guys I’ve ever seen (Next to ex-NBA player Danny Schayes of course.)  
    I'm not sure what's better... His shades or his homemade kugel
  • Another recommendation I have is the movie “50/50” It seriously blew me away.The writing was great, it was funny and the emotion really grabs your attention. It was also good to see that Seth Rogen finally understands he should be the funny sidekick rather than the lead guy. (P.S. I'm still receiving therapy after wasting two hours of my life watching “The Green Hornet”) 
  •  I must say it’s getting awfully tiring to change the channel as quickly as possible whenever the “Paranormal Activity 3” commercial comes on TV. On the bright side, I can finally get rid of my collection of Richard Simmons work-out VHS tapes.  
  • After listening to numerous Adele songs on Pandora, I have a feeling once Adele is happily married and not getting screwed over by dudes, her music career will be over. Just a thought, but maybe Adele needs to stop giving it up so early and make guys earn it a little bit. Am I right ladies? 
  • The other day, I mistakenly applied butt cream to my face thinking it was my acne facial cream. Let's just say my face did not have the best reaction to the butt cream. And by the way, I 'm totally aware that I've disclosed to the whole world that I use butt cream.      

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Robyn (aka Food Girl) said...

Wow, the return of McNuggets AND the thought of you applying butt cream to your face? I'm in love.