Saturday, October 04, 2008

Run Sarah Palin Run... Far Away

-If you're looking to watch a nice light comedy on DVD. Rent "Run Fatboy Run." (And no its not my Bar Mitzvah Video. That was titled, "Read the Torah, Fatboy, Read the Torah."

-I don't know about you, but Joe Biden impressed the heck out of me Thursday Night. Sarah Joe Six-Pack, hockey mom, maverick, drill baby drill, Palin did not.

-How great is it that the Cubs got swept in 3 games? I mean this team pre-maturely celebrated everything. First, the great Eddie Vedder sings a song about them. Then they have a parade just for getting the playoffs. Man, can this team be any more obnoxious?

-I'm watching the latest season of the "Biggest Loser:Families" First of all they coud easily edit the show down to a half hour rather than two hours. And watching the host, Allison Sweeney, should be the next new sleeping pill prescribed by doctors. She's not bad looking, just put a muzzle on her.

-If you are looking for a tasty dish, order the Chorizo, Egg, and Rock Shrimp Breakfast Burrito at the "Bongo Room." You will thank me later.

-When did Jimmy Kimmel turn into such a great talk show host? He's going to be the next Letterman.

-How about those 3-2 Bears? Kyle Orton and that offense is a lot better than we expected. The division is there's to lose.

-I just finished reading the Rosie O'Donnel's latest book "Celebrity Detox." Don't ask why, but I read it. She mentioned in her book that she used to purposely break bones in her body when she was a kid. I wished she would've breaken more bones in her hands to prevent her from writing this book.

-We need to get rid of all these little restaurants/cafes with close seating. I can't stand it! The person next to me is always eavesdropping on my conversations. I mean don't get me wrong, I've eavesdropped on my fair share of conversations, but I always don't make eye contact. This woman the other day was staring into my eyes as she was eavesropping the whole time! I thought I was going to hear Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" playing in the background. People, next time you want to eavesdrop during my meal, at least offer me a bite of your entree. It's the least you can do for the free entertainment I offer.

I'm Out!

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