Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh No You Didn't!

I had the opportunity to go to San Diego recently. One of the TV Sales Reps invited Johnny and myself out there for the weekend. I have never been to San Diego before and I found it to be a beautiful city. The weather was not the best while we there, but I got a little taste of it. According to the TV rep the weather consistently stays around 75 Degrees year round. Which I thought was pretty damn impressive.
Okay so enough about the weather, lets cut to the chase. Pretty much what we did for two straight days was eat (a lot), drink (a lot), and gawk at women. Apparently in San Diego, the women are tough to talk to. They tend to go for more a surfer, muscular, tattoo look. Which may surprise you, but that does not fit my description. The girls were so tough to approach, they wouldn't even give you eye contact hardly. I mean I'm not saying I do a killing in the windy city, but I'll at least get a look here and there. Even my buddy, Johnny the rockstar chick magnet, couldn't get the girls attention. The first night we hung out by the beach and went to bars around there. And each bar had these huge lines out the door which all these college kids. So it was not really our scene. The beach area was better suited for us during the day. The TV rep then suggested that we go to his favorite dive bar in the downtown area. Johnny and I thought that would be a good idea.
So we're at this dive bar sitting at a table near the girl's bathroom. (Prime Spot!) At this point, I've drank beer the whole day and had a decent amount of Kettle-One Tonics. I guess you can say I'm feeling fairly loose. So we start to have this friendly conversation with this Jamaican chick and then her friend approaches our table. The friend is midly attractive, seems likes a dumb ass. But whatever, who am I to judge somebody's intelligence? I mean hell, the book I'm currently reading is an autobiography on Tom Green. Anyways, we begin to have a group conversation at the table. And yes this girl is boring and dumb, but at this point we don't care. We are just happy to get some friggin female attention. From the conversation, I find out this girl is from Connecticut. So I found that to be interesting, given that I been there before. I then ask what town she is from? I forget what town she says, but it was a town I had heard of before. So right now, I felt like I was getting somewhere. My next question I figured was a normal, typical question you would ask somebody who you have just met. I asked, "So what do you for a living here in San Diego?" She then looks at me for a second and then turns away. I figured, since it was a loud bar maybe she did not hear me. I then asked the same question again. This time she doesn't even look at me and doesn't attempt to act like she heard a word I said. People, I cannot explain what happened from hear on out. But let me just say, I've have some built up frustration with the females recently. And it does not help that we weren't getting any attention from girls in the first place. And it also does not help that I was drinking Kettle-One Tonics. At this point, I decided to stick up for myself and every single male out there who have been treated unfairly by the woman. I can't promise that this was an actual transcript of what was said, but I will do my best to remember. "Excuse me, I just asked you a question. (The girl then looks at me.) I mean I don't understand. I ask you a simple question and you don't have the decency to even answer me. That's perfectly fine, if you don't feel comfortable answering. But if that's the case, then simply just say I rather not answer that question. I mean I just find it extremely rude that you couldn't answer me. To be honest, I could give two shits what you do for a living. But I'm just trying to be a nice guy here and ask a friendly question." So as I am berating this girl, Johnny is on the ground laughing. Pretty much because he has never seen me act like this before and I am just going off on this poor girl. Like I said, I don't know no what got into me. My best guess, was that there was too much built up frustration. And at the same time, I decided to stick up for every male out there, who has been rejected by a girl. It's about time as males, that we take a stand. And not let these females have so much power over us. Follow my lead and I shall take all of you to a world where men will not take any shit from these rude, disrespectful women. Amen.

I'm Out!

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