Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cerebral Palsy, Enterprise Rentals, and Stuffing

-Jessica and Nick finally got divorced. Now I can finally make my move. (On Nick)

-The White Sox overspent for Paul Kornerko. 5 years/60 million? That's insane!

-Why do random people always choose to talk to me on the Train. Is there a sign on my back that reads "Please talk me, I like people"?

-I saw a commercial for the movie "The Kid and I," starring and written by Tom Arnold. The film is about a teenager with Cerebral Palsy, who gets the opportunity to star in an action movie. I'm confused, is Tom Arnold playing the kid?

-So, I have to rent a car from Enterprise because I wrecked my car after breaking my building's automatic garage door. (Previous Blog) So they give me a Big-ass Ford Expedition.(Thanks B.J.) And now that car does not fit into the parking garage. (I friggin give up!)

-I'm not too happy I missed Oprah on Letterman the other night.

-I hope nobody saw me on TV for the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade. I looked like a friggin fat idiot.

-I watched the Real World Reunion and I thought it was better than any of the season's episodes. How the hell did that pastey retard Wes get Johanna?

-Very disappointed in the movie "Ice Harvest."

-I watched my IU Hoosiers lose to #1 Duke the other night. And there is no question that they are talented, especially Killingsworth. So I have come to the conclusion, that I will fight anybody that says Mike Davis is a good coach.

-Stuffing is a such an underrated food. Why can we only eat it during Thanksgiving?

-If any radio D.J. is reading this blog, you got to stop playing Nickleback's "Photograph" I mean its enough already.

-Could somebody explain why the Bulls decided to give Tyson Chandler a max contract, when he has the Basketball IQ and offensive talent of Mike Tyson.

-Did you get the last comment? They both have the name Tyson. (Wow, am I good!)

-The day after Thanksgiving, I went to Circuit City at 7:30 a.m. because of a DVD sale. I think my Dork-o-meter just went up to a 9. (It only goes up to 10.)

I'm out!

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