Friday, July 22, 2005

War of the Wedding Crashers

As all of you know, summer is the time when all the blockbusters come out. So recently, I was able to check out “War of the Worlds” and “Wedding Crashers.”

First we’ll discuss “War of the Worlds.” Unless you have been knocked unconscious for the last few weeks, I will assume everybody knows what this movie is about. Overall, I found the movie extremely entertaining. You just know, when you mix Speilberg with Cruise you are going to get good results. I will say at first though, I had trouble taking Cruise seriously with all the Katie Holmes, Scientology, weird interviews, jumping on couches, getting water squirted in the face, and gay rumors. But ten minutes into the movie I was able to get focused into the story and block out images of Tom Cruise “Bent” over on Rob Thomas’s lap.(There's a litttle joke for all you Matchbox Twenty fans out there.)

Say what you want about the guy, but the man can act. I could not have pictured another actor playing this role. And Speilberg has the ability to make his films extremely intense. Almost to the point where you feel like you are a part of the movie. I’ll be honest, when I walked out of the theatre I thought I would see people running around screaming with aliens chasing them. Fortunately, that did not happen because that would really suck.

There were some problems with how realistic the movie was. There were many things I saw on screen that I had to scratch my head about. I won’t divulge what they were because I don’t want to spoil the movie for my wonderful fans. But take the movie for what it is, which is an entertaining two hour movie, with non-stop action and good acting. I give it 3 awkward moments/out of 4 awkward moments.

Let’s move on to “Wedding Crashers” starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Vaughn and Wilson are best friend/divorce attorneys who crash weddings to hook up with women. From the previews, I knew this movie was going to be good. And it definitely lived up to my expectations.

For me Vince Vaughn made this movie. Ever since “Swingers” I knew this guy was a scene stealer. And this movie allows Vaughn to demonstrate his true talents with his fast talking, sarcastic wit dialogue. You almost got to think some of the stuff he says in this movie has to be improvised and not scripted. I know Vince Vaughn is a big star right now, but after this movie I could see him demanding millions in the double digits and being able to call his own shots.

I’m not a big Owen Wilson fan. I feel talent-wise he is a bit overrated. I enjoyed him in “Meet the Parents,” “Zoolander,” and “Behind Enemy Lines.” Other than those three, I am not a big fan of his work. But in this movie he has great on-screen chemistry with Vaughn. The reason why he fits well is because it helps to have a straight guy acting next to Vaughn’s high energy character. One of the negatives of the movie was the love story between Owen Wilson and Rachael McAdams. I mean I understand it was an important part of the movie, but I just thought it dragged on way too much.

The rest of the supporting cast does a great job. Christopher Walken is always good, no matter what movie he is in. The girl who plays Vaughn’s love interest is very funny, even for a chick. (On a side note is engaged to comedian Ali G) Also, I recently found out they used a body double for her nude scene. I was pretty disappointed to hear that. The bad guy character is played by some no-name actor and I even thought he was great. To make the movie even better there are plenty of boob shots. Message to any directors out there: Boob shots can only improve a movie. Heck, there’s even a breast shot of Jane Seymour(Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman). That should be a reason alone to go see this movie. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention a very funny cameo towards the end. (Clue: Think Cowbell)

As you can see, this was an extremely funny comedy and I envision it being a future classic. So I give it 3 ½ awkward moments, out of 4.

I’m Out!

P.S. Bumpz(Phil), you’re getting married? So what do you call what happened last night? Are you just trying to use me?

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